Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sunday Reading 1.29.17

I'm sure I've said this before but I would really like to host a dinner once a month or once a week if I could really handle it.
Linked to it from here
in which I really enjoyed the writing.  But it reminded me the first time we talked about hosting a Friday night dinner after reading this Serious Eats story.

As a person who has developed embarassingly intimate relationships to my coffee teta/gold tooth/21jumpstreet this story struck close to home. For many growing up breakfast is a family meal and the grownup isolation of coffee on the walk is mitigated by these warm people.

I'm still obsessed with the suicide forest in Japan

Another of my favorite New York grocery stores is closed. What are we gonna do?
After the Associated on 14 Street earlier this year

An article about my favorite newscaster, Pat Battle

Showing self control is empathy for your future self

didn't read this yet

Norman Lear on Longevity and Laughter

A companion piece to the man living in the Maine woods and stealing from camps

Cuts of beef

On friendship
and also from brainpickings a list of writers advice on writing

Fascinated by the White House kitchen; this article has a bunch of interesting stories.
Here's some excerpts from a book about Eleanor Roosevelt; she developed some 7 1/2 cent meals with the folks at Cornell to serve at the White House during the depression.
That would be the same as $1.38 today according to this inflation calculator

Beautiful story about man running hospice in California

Nordic way to be good at winter

Man makes argument that chicken stick is fine for veetarians; the argument is a little thin