Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I'm reading...

Biointensive home food production

Still trying to make a delicious bread

Cultured butter

A friend is trying to finish a documentary called "Cairo Drive"

A blog I always forget to check in with-from Dave

 Look at this DIY farm table

I want a pot on this post about making bechamel

Lots of christmas present ideas at Inhabitat

My friend Donna passed away
on December 10th

Some bookmarks on my work computer

will probably add most of these to my bloglines eventually

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tabs and bookmarks from work

my favorite things organized neatly

hadid article I wanna read

gensler airport article

politics of the plate

psfc tweets!/foodcoop

word botching


shina blog

open city dialogue

elder scrolls

the christmas goat

mrs. wheelbarrow



all the buildings in NY

pfizer building turns into food mecca

lunch studio

a seasonal cook in turkey

shannon's mother's etsy

mentalist that shannon saw

little people project

simply breakfast

2 of my favorite things to watch/listen to

maps of postal codes

building a potato box

stuff from today....timely events