Sunday, August 30, 2009

New indoor garden blog I want to read.

The Omnivore’s Delusion: Against the Agri-intellectuals

Serious Eats Presents 'The Greenmarket: One Farmer's Story'

Outbreak of Fungus Threatens Tomato Crop

Click here for more news from New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets News From New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets
Governor Patterson asks that 17 NY counties be considered agricultural disaster area...

A 50-Year Farm Bill
-an op ed piece by Wendell Berry and Wes Jackson from last January

Forget Shorter Showers
Why personal change does not equal political change
by Derrick Jensen

A Fluid Definition of Self-Sufficiency
article about the NYC waterpod

Urge your City Council representative to support FoodprintNYC!
I think my coucil rep is Cathleen Quinn and I think she has not joined to support this...I wonder why.

Resolution 2049 calling for FoodprintNYC|Text|Attachments|Other|

Action Alerts & Updates
Help Pass FoodprintNYC!

Eat Real Festival 2009

A Farm for the Future

Welcome to FarmsReach

Delayed planting schedules increase drift danger

Antibiotics and meat

Tom Vilsack's Farm-Country Tour: A Different Kind of Town Hall

On (movies about) Food, Cooking, and Locavores
POSTED BY Stephen Lamb

Welcome to Polyface, Inc.

(Tod) Murphy's Law: Buy Local, Eat Local, and Prosper
Vermont's Farmers Diner may just change how America eats
by Bill McKibben

The price is high when taste comes first

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

This weeks reading:

Gardening in New York City

How Different Groups Spend Their Day

Organic Versus Conventional Food: UK Report Flawed

House Passes Landmark Food Safety Bill. Is It Safe to Eat Again?

With House food-safety bill a done deal, questions remain [UPDATED] 19

"New Evidence Confirms the Nutritional Superiority of Plant-Based Organic Foods," State of Science Review, March 2008

Urban Farming Takes Root in Surprising Ways

Eat Good

Is It Now a Crime to Be Poor?

Party On, but No Tweets

30 Things You Should Never Compost or Recycle

The Never-Fail Bounty

You Say Tomato, I Say Agricultural Disaster