Saturday, December 26, 2009

the christmas goat that always burns down

Portland Maine and cooking in NYT

Sweet Potato Gnocchi

haven't really read it

best green blogs list

Niman ranch lady

food and climate summit

chinese farmers struggle with climate change

baked sweet potato latkes

ukranian pampuska

oven baked latkes

rules to eat by

the localization of agriculture

nyt blog about man who build his own house

great gifts

Monday, December 14, 2009

Park Slope Coop

audio tours of NYC places...wonder if it is on itunes

NW farmers marketing their own flour


John Lennon article about murder

Bill Fujimoto leaves Monterey Market

Nat'l Farmer's Market week

Food In Jars Blog - OMG

Copenhagen climate summit in disarray after text leak

Molly Meng's flickr

sustainable dave does interview

Big Food vs Big Insurance

Health Care Savings could Start in the Cafeteria

stalking my stomach

NYC food Charter with 10 guides to sustainable agri

Building with Whole Trees

Rise of Farm Vacations

The Taste-Makers

Saturday, December 05, 2009

on the blogs:

Blue Hill-Know Thy Farmer

I want to go here
and here

Solar One's Twitter

The Years Most Amazing Scientific Images

Hudson Valley Seed Library-Hudson Valley Heirlooms

The Economist-America's food waste problem

The High Price of Cheap Food,8599,1917458,00.html

wall seats

Birch plywood floor tiles

what kind of place is this

Newton Creek History

Brooklyn Navy Yard

openhouse new york


Nine Kids Foods to Avoid,29569,1824402,00.html

Museum free hours in NYC for fall/winter 2009/10

Olde Good Things

Brooklyn Botanic Garden free on Tuesday

Flunking Out at the Food Coop

Nat Geos Top 10 Veiwed Pics of 2008

Amputee controls artificial limb with mind

80 Cyclists Powering the Home

Gone a doc made by Gretchen and John Morning

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

fantasy job

12/15 fooddocs

will allen

the new familyfarmer

usda - know your farmer

save bed stuy farm

san francisco composting

new e coli outbreak...asheville,ny

12/11 food and climate justice summit

swine flu in indiana commercial swine

rules on modified corn skirted

who's investigating the cafo swine flu link

more people playing farm games than farming

more swine flu