Monday, September 05, 2016

Links 9/4/2016

Always thinking about food security.
Fall is for reflection.

Lady who does weekly food prep

Frugality gals $50 weekly meal plan

$27 dollar Challenge 2014

an article comparing Gwyneth Paltrow's challenge purchase and
I appreciate her bringing attention and so much passion in past

In 2012, Newark Mayor Cory Booker too the SNAP challenge when the weekly amount was about $33.

I used to love this blog....

When to get yout veg

Doesn't this look like Tiamat


Interview with Peter Hoffman....the end of an era

This guy blogged the best route to all lower 48 national parks

Interview with Werner Herzog
He's teaching an online course in filmmaking.

Scared is scared video

Summer camp for adults.....oh boy

100 foods dr oz wants us to eat

Eliminate the negative

Something for everybody

I would like to do some yoga......simple stuff.

Working on an oatmeal bar

oooo, lost a few hours to oatcakes

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